Team Profile – Harry Hutchins

Harry HutchinsMy name is Harry Hutchins. My early days found me on the sand dunes in Northern Michigan discovering forest succession, solar radiation, birds, plants and wind. My interests led to BS degrees in both Forestry and Wildlife Management from Michigan State University and an MS degree in forest ecology from Utah State University.  For over 30 years I taught Ecology, Wildlife Management, and a variety of forestry classes at the community colleges in Ganado, Arizona and Grand Rapids, MN. I also have volunteered at the local community radio station, KAXE, for over 25 years co-hosting a natural history show with John Latimer.

From my interests in native plant landscaping and ecology, I want to reduce our energy use from fossil fuels and move to a renewable energy source available to all of us.  Solar gardens can provide us with low cost energy, allow us to develop colorful native pollinator gardens, and grow crops under the solar panels. I see a solar garden as a big step in the right direction in helping solve food issues while providing energy.  In southern Minnesota it has also developed a good IPA beer!

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